My name is Vasile Popescu and watercolor painting is one of my great passions. If you decide to browse this content, we may possibly share some common thoughts and visions about color, light, art in general and ultimately life. You’re welcome to discover here, with me, glimpses and moments of our big journey and great passing, the way I see it through colors. Nature, seasons, love, intimacy, laughter, flowers, poems, time and being as a whole.

I grew up in a small town called Zarnesti, in Transylvania, Romania. As a child I’ve always been fascinated by the majesty of the surrounding nature, the beautiful colors of the seasons passing by, the song of birds mixed with the long-lived and everlasting echoes of the local ballads and folklore, all in one grand picture of a perfect creation. I could only sense the early signs of a profound mark, that would later on develop into a fabric of life defining my endless love for art, and watercolor in particular, as a way of resonating with all things beautiful.

But watercolor has not always been my prime muse. As we all search for our better selves in life, I became a police officer, and long years of hard duty got me achieving the title of chief police commander, just in time to realize that I may not be in the right place at the right time. During all these years, the attraction for watercolor grew stronger, and in my spare moments, when family time and other daily activities would allow it, I always got busy around the wet canvas.

When I finally quit from the police force, I knew that watercolor would take over and delightfully submerge my everyday life. So here I am, a full time water-colorist, trying to find my way back home, as I think we all do in a way or the other.

Beyond words, my watercolor probably would better reflect who I really am.